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Overseas Pre-wedding  ​ 海外婚禮攝影CTH Production | Photography in Hong Kong 婚紗/婚禮攝影,婚纱日本-婚紗攝影-香港婚禮攝影-婚禮攝影-婚禮攝影師


Overseas Pre -wedding Schedule



​June 17-19 -  Japan

July            -  Italy / Swiss ( Last 1  slot)


Sept            -  Italy / Swiss / France ( Last 2  slot)

Oct 3-10      -  Italy / Swiss / France ( Last 2  slot)

Nov 3-8       -  Tokyo


​Jan              - Hokkaido

​May 2-8      - Italy & Swiss

CTH Production ,Hong Kong Wedding Photography

Aesthetic, Emotive .Create your own memories with us

About CTH Production


What is CTH Production ? 

CTH Production was established by Kiki and myself. in Hong Kong We provide creative and innovative photography for our clients. In every photography session, I like to be friends with clients and understand them more in order to create a comfortable atmosphere for a relaxed and enjoyable photo-shoot. Photos turn out better and more natural.

My name is Sunny, the Photographer, and Kiki is the Graphic designer in CTH Production. .Photography is my passion and I have started shooting at a very young age. I have been in the wedding photography industry since 2010..



Why I become a wedding photographer? 

Like myself, and Kiki, I believe each couple has their own special love story. I like to put aspects of their love story into each photo-shoot to capture the truly sweet and memorable moments between the couple.   


We trust the big day is the happiest and one of the most meaningful day between the bride and groom. As a photographer in many wedding ceremonies, I can always feel the couple's excitement towards the start of their new life together.

I am also a member of other internationally renowned professional wedding organisations including the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and  the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association ( AG|WPJA)

Besides wedding , CTH Production also provide event, fashion, product, Jewellery commercial photography services.



If you want to know more details about me or CTH Production, you are welcome to find us in following ways:
Instagram :
Tel / Whatsapp: 852 -6126 6498 ( Click me )


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